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Places Ogoh - Ogoh Before Nyepi Holiday

One day before the feast of Nyepi in Bali, there are Balinese tradition attraction is the parade ogoh - ogoh which is a tourist sight once a year in bali

The day before Nyepi, Hindus normally perform Tawur or Ngerupuk as purification from evil spirits and negative forces arising from greed and pride of mankind, especially to maintain the harmony of nature and man. Ngerupuk can be done at home or in the temple to give offerings. Ngerupuk peak in the temple generally at dusk the day before Nyepi. But before Ngerupuk, a ritual that is also not to be missed is the Melasti ceremony or melarung food into the sea, the aim is also to clean the "dirt" from the inside.

melasti ceremony to the beach bring pretima the sacred holy statue

Ngerupuk afternoon during a ceremony at the village youths paraded Bali Ogoh - ogoh, a giant replica of a creepy creature that symbolizes intangible Bhuta Kala or negative forces that always disturb the tranquility of human life. Ogoh-ogoh parade is one of the most traditional public attention before Nyepi day arrives, because behind its ritual value, parade Ogoh - ogoh is also a manifestation of the creativity and innovation of young artists art. Long before the day of Nyepi (even a month earlier), the artists is trying to showcase their work as much as possible. Funds spent on making ogoh-ogoh even reach tens of millions of dollars. Because, in addition to being paraded on the night pengrupukan, currently of ogoh-ogoh will also be a race. The goal, in addition to preserving the culture, as well as to direct the interest of young people in a more positive kerarah the love of art. After the parade, Ogoh-ogoh is usually burned on the outskirts of the village as a symbol of the expulsion Butha Kala village. Indeed there is no manuscript in the Hindu scriptures that mention the role of Ogoh - ogoh to welcome Nyepi Day, but the tradition has existed for generations in Bali and exciting attractions that are worth to be seen.



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