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Indonesia is archipelago stretches from the island of Sumatra to Irian Jaya and Bali is situated between highly populated Java and idyllic Lombok. Amongst the 13,700 Indonesia island Bali is the only Hindu province and the rice blend of traditional and culture has and incredible impact. Bali capture much of the soul and identity of Indonesia yet it has evolved into a unique culture of it own, making it a very special place. Even Though it is relatively small, approximately 5,000 square kilometers in all, Bali boasts a whole range of different environments. This compact landscape centers on a line of active volcanoes with alluvial slopes that spill done to coastal plains.

Tropical rainforests fringe the mountains, eventually giving way to carefully cultivated rice field and crop growth. Further down on the plains, water logged mangrove swamps lead to the ocean. A number of different river and streams wind there way through a cross section of these environment and done to the spectacular beaches. Bali enjoys a consistently warm climate, which is particularly mild in the dray season, and the mountains ensure there is a steady rainfall to periodically cool the island down through the rainy season.

Other Area In Bali Island

Badung Regency
Tabanan Regency
Karangasem Regency
Gianyar Regency


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