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Indo Bali Hotel " Spa"

Jl. Raya Bedugul Mengwi Km 8 Br.Belang Sembung


Well Being Spa

logo Well Being Spa Rejuvenating Massage oil made from the essence of Jasmine and orange.
Refreshing Body Massage oil made from the essence of Peppermint, lavender, and sandalwood.
Javanese lulur is a body scrub, made from flowers and fruits extract, aloevera, seaweed. Boreh body scrub made from gingseng, corn and carrot.

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Bali Tropical Spa

spa 1Welcome to Bali Tropical Spa & Body Treatmet at Bali Tropic Resort !
Pamper yourself at our traditional Bali Tropical SPA villa, in the comfort of your room or by the white sandy beach for a total relaxation and rejuvenation, focusing on an ultimate well being your body and soul.

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Thalasso Bali Spa

Spa 1 at thalasso spa Welcome to Thalasso Bali Spa
Thalasso Bali presents a new breakthrough of experimenting spa treatments for the next century that hasn’t been found at anywhere else in the world. The new Thalasso Bali is created with encompassing nature based elements to differently theme up each of its thalassotherapy treatment rooms. It is uniquely decorated with white ocean sand and pebbles, a ton of cinnamon woods, thousands pieces of glasses, collection of growing seashells and sparkling sea sky. Despite the unique designs, Thalasso Bali gives priority to the results and the techniques of the 11 different sea water based spa treatments which are originated from France. Guest will adventure different sensation and relaxation in each of Thalasso Bali treatments. Featuring the finest in personal attention delivered by the staffs, the center is committed to have each visit be a relaxing, yet invigorating
and enriching experience of Thalasso to enjoy the treatments.

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Radisson Bali Spa

body spa at thalasso spaWelcome To Radisson Bali Spa !
balinese massage at Radisson Spa BaliRadisson spa is a tranquil haven filled with the scent of herbs and flowers. Massage therapies include traditional Balinese techniques, Shiatsu, Swedish Aromatherapy, Sport, and Foot Reflexology. We offer salon treatments for face, hair and nails and number of total body beauty treatments, including a Royal Herbal Bath, Javanese Herbal Scrub, and Detoxifying Body Mask.

  • Seaweed body mask
  • Seaweed body mask

pamperingFor fitness enthusiasts, our fitness center is furnished with the most up to date international training and exercise equipment, as well as sauna and jacuzzi. Courses include a complete range of strengthening and and conditioning, weight training, and aerobic programs, all conducted by our professional staff of trainers and fitness consultants.

  • State-of-the-art Fitness
  • State-of-the-art Fitness

The secret of well-being is balance between body and mind, nature and technology, tradition and innovation. Dedicate your time to your own peace of mind and health soon.

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DH Bali Spa

Welcome To DH Bali Spa !
A luxury natural Bali traditional architecture building style, located at Nusa Dua , Jus
Our well-trained masseurs will be at your service. Both of your body and mind would be relaxed and refreshed.

Luxury treatment room, Warmest welcoming and sincere service, dh spa will lead you to the totally relaxation moment.

All the treatment room has prepared Air-conditioner, private locker, bathtub and dresser. For women's customer those who do not want to share bathtub because of menstrual period, please let us know in advance. We can provide different room for each customer on request.
We use 100% natural ingredients for body pack or scrubs. We start to prepare upon customer's arrival to serve most fresh treatment. The basic ingredient of dh spa original massage oils are imported from France. Our well-trained therapist has done mixing oil at salon.
The menu that is including oil massage, the customers choose the favorite oil from 7 kinds of dh spa original oils.The oil which is chosen by customer is kindled at room, used for massage, flower bath,,,you will enjoy favorite fragrance hole time you are staying at our treatment room.

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