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Bali's picturesque landscape is truly something to behold - magnificent rice terraces amid a sweeping range of volcanic mountains; dense tropical jungles with fast-flowing rivers; long sandy beaches with wild, crashing surf; exotic coral reefs teeming with all kinds of exotic fish...

The climate is tropical with two seasons, a wet and a dry. The dry season, which lasts from April to October, is the most popular time to visit Bali although, there is a particular beauty about the tropics in the wet (It is also a way of avoiding the main tourist seasons of May and December).


Getting around Bali is no problem. A wide range of day tours are available to the main temples and sightseeing locations (These can be organised when you arrive from any hotel or tourist information centre. Besides the local transport system ('bemos'), an extensive network of tourist coaches operates throughout the island. If you prefer more independence (and feel you can confront the local traffic), you can easily hire a car or motorcycle and travel around at your own pace. (An international driver's licence is required).

Water Sports

With its world renowned beaches, surf and coral reefs, Bali is an ideal location for all range of watersports. Besides surfing and boogie-boarding, water skiing, jet skiing, and parasailing can be found at various locations along the coast. Snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular in Bali and there are several day tours operating to the main dive spots. There are also dive resorts offering fully registered training courses. If you're the thrill seeking type, you might even like to try white-water rafting!


Bali is undoubtedly a shopper's paradise. In Bali, you can practically shop till you drop. In the big department stores, prices are fixed and credit cards are accepted.
Bargains abound in shops and markets offering an amazing range of wares including leather goods, clothing in traditional fabrics, wooden carvings and antiques. The Balinese have always been famous for their superb craftsmentship in a variety of materials; wood, stone, silver and bone. They are also famous for their painting and textiles (including 'ikat' and 'batik'). Craft skills are applied in a multitude of styles from the purely traditional to the avant garde. Whether it's a garuda statue or a 'magic' cigarette box, an antique kris or a fashion leather jacket, you'll marvel at the skill and creativity which has gone into these products. A full range of duty free goods can be found at any of the selected duty free shops throughout the island.


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