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Indo Bali Hotel Tours" Bali Fishing Tour "

fishing toursGeneral Information
Fishing with Chubei Maru
It is the famous boat where this boat is used with the Bali island special edition of the Japanese TV program, appears well even in the fish magazine. As for the rest room and the rest room of course in inboard completion! The GPS has, of course the fish school detection machine leads to the point accurately.

Total length: 17m and width: 4m and fixed capacity 30 names, engine:The YANMAR 360 horsepower X 2 machine fish school detection machine, GPS, equipment such as plotter, radar and generator

(1 boat charter, maximum 8 people)

Clear blue sky, fresh air of and blue Indian ocean awaits you on this exciting fishing trip on a 6-passsenger capacity boat!

The 4-hour charter includes snack, drink, and hotel transfers.
The 8-hour charter includes lunch, drink, and hotel transfers.

Trolling / fish baits, rental instruments & feed generation included.
Casting / the jig, rental instrument & the lure are USD 20/person.

You can cook fish at the boat or down at a local restaurant, arranged by Bali-Tours.com. Please inform upon reservation.

:: Starting -- Daily

Fishing Rate:
:: Charter 4 hours --- USD 400/boat/4 persons
:: Additional -- USD 20/person

:: Charter 8 hours --- USD 600/boat/4 persons
:: Additional -- USD 20/person


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