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 Thalasso Bali Spa


Thalasso Bali is more than just a spa

Spa 1 at thalasso spaThalasso Bali presents a new breakthrough of experimenting spa treatments for the next century that hasn’t been found at anywhere else in the world. The new Thalasso Bali is created with encompassing nature based elements to differently theme up each of its thalassotherapy treatment rooms. It is uniquely decorated with white ocean sand and pebbles, a ton of cinnamon woods, thousands pieces of glasses, collection of growing seashells and sparkling sea sky. Despite the unique designs, Thalasso Bali gives priority to the results and the techniques of the 11 different sea water based spa treatments which are originated from France. Guest will adventure different sensation and relaxation in each of Thalasso Bali treatments. Featuring the finest in personal attention delivered by the staffs, the center is committed to have each visit be a relaxing, yet invigorating
and enriching experience of Thalasso to enjoy the treatments.

Your body and the sea

view at thalasoo spaFree your mind and body in the healing powers of the sea. The world's most powerful life source holds the key to health, beauty and relaxation. The intrinsic link between you and sea, forms the basis of this life giving treatment.
Overlooking the sea, in the lush flowering gardens of the Grand Mirage Resort is the serene lagoon of Thalasso therapy.
Fed by its own life source of fresh sea water, Thalasso Bali is unique. Sail to deeper levels of health and beauty on the sea of Gods. Give yourself an aquatic rebirth inside and out.

Thalasso Therapy
The world's most powerful life source holds the key to health, beauty and relaxation. Thalasso, comes from the ancient Greeks word thalassa, that means ocean.

Thalasso therapy, a combination of fresh sea water, seaweed and heat has led to many different treatments, enables the body to replenish essential revitalizing natural elements and mineral salts, to improve the blood circulation and to offer total relaxation for your body and mind.

Thalasso Bali Aqua Medic Pool
Sophisticatedly designed with various hydrotherapy jets in a Balinese setting with warm sea water for vitality, relaxation, and excitement.

body spa at thalasso spa bath spa at thalasso spa

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Thalasso Special Offer

Aquamedic Pool may be used in 4 ways

* Aquamedic track : tour in front of multiple jets, passage over the geyser, through 15 leg jets arranged with different depth, passage under water fall, and massage of the back by jet goup.

*Aquagym : float on the bubbling zone and exercize under the supervision of therapist to make the articulation more flexible inunusual amplitude due to weightlessness.

*Analytic Pool : positioning in front of jet streams for a complete action of blood circulation and articulation.

*Aqua Relax : rest and total relax for the whole body in the under water massage bed.

Thalasso Bali Aerosol Marine
Cleanses the respiratory system with ionic sea water mist. Improve breathing problems caused by smoking or asthma.

Seaweed Deluxe Application

Following a scrub, your body is painted with imported seaweed paste and wrapped in a warm blanket.

Affusion (Shower Massage)
Calming of the nervous system with a hand massage under a warm gentle rain microjet. increases blood circulation and gives overall relaxation.

Hand Scrub & Seaweed Massage
A scrub followed by a warm seaweed massage, cleanses, softens and moisturizes your hands and arms.

Great Shower
A powerful jet of warm sea water sprayed from a distance to various parts of your body, reduces tension and cellulite.

This special designed air bag, gives a soft massage using high and low pressure air, to help the blood circulation of your legs.

Remineralizing and invigorating the muscle with 50 water jets, combined with localized massage by using special hose done by hydrotherapist.

Seaweed Deluxe Hydro-Bath
Your muscles are toned and your skin is simultaneously cleansed by seaweed, warm sea water and 150 high pressured jet programmed in the tub to do the body massage.

Deluxe Bubble Foot Bath
Bubble bath care for feet in warm and cold temperature to enhance blood circulation of the leg.
Thalasso Bali Spa Package

Thalasso Bali Spa Packag

YING YANG CAVE (2 hours)
Special Rates : USD 70.00 per person
Sea salt scrub, circulator shower, manual affusion, affusion rain shower and aquamedic pool plus healthy refreshment at cafe

CINNAMON CLOUD (2.5 hours)
Special Rates : USD 170.00 per person
Aromatherapy massage, cinamon scrub, masking seaweed or milk, flower bath and aquamedic pool plus healthy refreshment at cafe

Special Rates : USD 95.00 per person
Three Thalasso Cares plus Aquamedic Pool plus Healthy Refreshment at Thalasso Cafe (2 food + 1 drink).
Model Course

Skin Car
For Man
Aromatherapy Massage
Seaweed Dlx Hydro Bath
Aquamedic Pool
Seaweed Deluxe Application
Deluxe Bubble Footh Bath
Aquamedic Pool
Seaweed Deluxe Application
Aromatherapy Flower Bath
Affusion Massage
Aquamedic Pool
Seaweed Dlx Hydro Bath
Affusion Massage
Great Shower
Aquamedic Pool

ROYAL BEAUTY (4.5 hours)
Special Rates : USD 130.00 per personAromatherapy Massage, Aquamedic Pool, Body Exfoliation (Scrub), Seaweed Application / Seaweed Deluxe Hydro-bath, Phytomer - France, Manicure plus Healthy Refreshment at Thalasso Cafe (2 food + 1 drink)

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