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Water Sport at Tanjung Benoa Bali

Bali truly a small island, but the harmonious tone that is blown by its nature and people dynamic life makes every corner in Bali is unique attraction worth an appreciation.

To ensures that Bali will always be an amazing tourist attraction, besides the nature and culture attractions Bali also provides a water sport attraction that can be done at Sanur Beach, Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua Beach  and especially Tanjung Benoa Beach . This beach is featured by white sandy beach and calm seawater that ideally for marine sport activities.

Bali Water Sport provides comprehensive range of marine activities with great challenges, exciting and designed full of fun. It is offers variety of water activities from motorizes until non-motorize one and bring you to unforgettable experience to enjoy fun activities in the beach or in the ocean. Bali Water sport giving the fantastic experience marine adventures for everyone who desires to enjoy the exciting water recreations such as: Snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet Ski, Water Ski, Wake Board, Banana Boat, Glass Bottom Boat, Fly Fish, Dolphin Watching Tours and package of marine sport with competitive rates. To keep guest comfortable all activities are ensured by high quality safety equipment and medical insurance. Just enjoy the exciting water sport activities of your choice.


line Bali Snorkeling

water sport snorkeling tanjung benoa baliSnorkeling is the most popular and fantastic marine activity to observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment and no special training required, only the ability to swim and to breathe through the snorkel. However, for safety reasons, instruction and orientation from a fellow experienced snorkeler, tour guide is recommended. A snorkel is a tube around 30 centimeters long and with an inside diameter of between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters, usually L- or J-shaped and fitted with a mouthpiece at the lower end, and constructed of rubber or plastic. It is used for breathing air from above the water surface when the wearer's mouth and nose are submerged. The snorkel usually has a piece of rubber that attaches the snorkel to the outside of the strap of the diving mask since pushing the snorkel between the mask-strap and the head can cause the mask to leak.

- 1 hour snorkeling
- Boat transfer
- Snorkeling gear
- Short safety briefing
- Snorkeling guide
- Medical insurance
- Free using locker.


line Bali Parasailing

water sport parasailing baliParasailing is one of recreational activities in Bali, where you will towed behind a motorized boat while attached by tow rope to a special designed parachute, known as a parasail. The boat then drives off, carrying you into the air. Since you have a little or no control over the parachute, just hang on and open your bird eye to overview amazing view of the coastal area of the island from the sky.

This activity is primarily an amusement ride and will bring you to the exciting experience by hook yourself in airborne for a second and you will get free to enjoy the amazing view of the island from the over head. Beautiful scenery of the sea water is easily found by flying like a bird with string more then 100 meter up makes this activity really unforgettable memory in your life. It is easy, you can get parasailing adventure right now as your choice during your vacation in Bali island with the trained professionals instructor.

- One round flying (Parasailing)
- Safety equipment
- Short safety briefing
- Medical insurance
- Free using locker.


line Bali Jet Ski

water sport jet ski baliHave you imaging experience and become rider on surface of the sea and blast the wave in paradise island, yes your dream come true with riding a motorized sea vehicle will get different experience and the fresh sea breeze will swirl your hair. Fun riding on the blue water or do the most extreme freestyle jet ski, where you can surf waves like surfer would and uses the waves as a jump ramp for aerial maneuver  with the combination of jet Drive Power up to 700 cc and personal watercraft will result pure excitement. This water sport is well equipped by life jacket and accompanied by the professional Jet Ski guide to ensure your safety and security adventures. See Bali from the water at 60 mph. The most very fun exiting ride you will ever take.

- 15 Minutes Driving Motorize Ski
- Safety equipment
- Short safety briefing
- Jet Ski instructor (will accompanied you to ride Jet Ski)
- Medical insurance
- Free using locker.


line Banana Boat

water sport banana boat baliA banana boat, often referred to simply as a banana is an unpowered recreational boat designed to be pulled by powerful speedboat. Riders sit astride a large inflatable tube which is supported by two smaller tubes which provide balance and footrests, allowing you to experience some of the thrill of moving fast and close to the water much more easily and safely than by water skiing or surfing. Gathering banana boat ride is the most enjoyable experience. It thrills for all and feels like kids ride over the ocean with blue seawater and big long soft marshmallow. That makes the adventure ride on the Banana Boat is the most spectacular marine activities to explore the beauty of Bali south peninsula, Tanjung Benoa Beach.

- 15 Minutes Banana Boat ride
- Safety equipment
- Short safety briefing
- Medical insurance
- Free using locker.


line Glass Bottom Boat and Turtle Island Tour

turtle island tour baliLet’s explore and get closer to marine life, viewing the beautiful colorful fish from your Glass bottom boat without getting wet. Experience an exciting tour across the sea along to beautiful white sandy beach of Tanjung Benao beach south coast of Bali. We will drive you to fish spot point to see cute colorful fishes and ending by visit Turtle Island which is small island for turtle conservation.

- 1 hour Glass Bottom Boat and Turtle Island tour
- Entrance fee for turtle island
- Guide for the tours
- Medical insurance
- Free using locker.


line Bali Flying Fish

water sport flying fish baliFor the guests who just want more and more challenges and exciting water sport adventures for them Bali water sport developed some bigger challenges to try Fly Fish, the newest water sport activity.  This adventure is riding a flat tube rubber boat which is pulled by a power speed boat. It is a great adventure fly dash on water surface against the wind sweeping that it real fly on the air. Enjoy the attractive adventure by flying like fish jumping on the ocean with power speed boat and accompanied by the professional Fly Fish Guide with the high quality safety equipment that ensure your experience are unforgettable one when your vacation in Bali.

- Two round Flying Fish
- Safety equipment
- Short safety briefing
- Medical insurance
- Free using locker.


line Bali Diving

bali diving at tulamben bali indonesiaBali's location, just 8 degrees below the equator, offers warm tropical waters for you to discover diverse coral reefs and rich marine life. There are excellent scuba diving sites all around the island for beginners as well as accomplished divers including a sunken wreck and plenty tropical fish to see. We will book a professional dive operator to help you enjoy these under water pleasures with transport and all necessary equipment.

Nusa dua is one of ideal bali dive sites. As central tourism, tour and travel, it easy to rich Nusa Dua from any where in Bali. Around the the most superb and luxurious resorts in the world, Nusa Dua is surrounded by crystal clear water. The coral reefs around it or even further out into the ocean are excellent snorkeling and diving sites. The warm, tranquil waters play host to an abundance of plant and marine life. With its close proximity to the mainland we can complete two dives in half a day. This site is perfect for all divers and snorkelers with depths ranging from 2-16 meters (6-50 feet) and visibility around 10-25 meters (33-82 feet).

- Diving at Nusa Dua area
- Diving gear and safety equipment
- Diving guide
- Short safety briefing
- Medical insurance
- Free using locker.

Price List Tanjung Benoa Watersport

Parasailing one round USD 15 min 2 person
Banana Bout 15 minute USD 13 with instructor
Jets Sky 15 minute USD 25 min 2 pers
Flying Fish one round USD 25 min 2 pers
Tubing Ride Bout 15 minute USD 25 min 2 pers
Glass Bottom Bout 1 hours USD 25 min 2 pers - max 10 pers
Turtle Island Tour 1,5 hours USD 60 max 10 persons/ one Boat
Snorkelling 1 hours USD 20 min 2 pers
Wake Board 15 minute USD 40 with instructor
Water Skiing 15 minute USD 40 with instructor
Dive at Nusa Dua 1 x dive USD 70 no lunch
Dive at NUsa Dua 2 x dive USD 85 include lunch
Sea Walker 1 x walker USD 70 no lunch
Diving Tours
Amed Tulamben 2 x dive USD 120 Price / Pers
Menjangan 2 x dive USD 140 Include Transport
Nusa Penida 2 x dive USD 140 Soft drink + lunch Box
Padang Bai 2 x dive USD 110 Dive Guide

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